Museo Guerra Bianca and Museo Punta Linke

PEJO 1914 – 1918 – La Guerra sulla Porta (The war on the doorstep)

It is a heterogeneous collection of antiques, weapons and images from the First World War found on the Ortles-Cevedale front as witness of the long and hard-fought ‘White War’ which Val di Pejo was theatre of.

museo della guerra bianca peio paese

In the museums rooms it is possible to visit:

  • a camp kitchen aimed at a reflection on the problem of subsistence
  • a cart found on Punta Linke which was the main means of transport at those altitudes
  • a hut used as emergency point to show how difficult the medical and health condition was
  • a tabernacle used in the trenches and a transportable altar showing the soldiers’ spiritual life

In the museum you can also find a rich collection of volumes telling the story of the territory, a series of diaries and memoires of soldiers and civilians, documents describing the finds, and a video archive dedicated to the First World War.


Christmas and Easter: 16.00-19.00

Summer season: 10.00-12.00 | 14.00-19.00


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An open air museum located at an altitude of 3.632 m asl

During The Great War Punta Linke (3.632 m), located in the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range, was one of the most important and strategic austro-hungarian posts in the whole front. With its double aerial ropeway installation, it was connected with the valley floor of Val di Pejo on the one side and with the “Coston delle barache brusade” on the other, towards Palon de la Mare, in the heart of the Forni glacier. The nearby Rifugio Vioz was the headquarter of the military command.

After the war, Punta Linke was abandoned but thanks to the ice and to the particular weather conditions the whole posts system has been preserved.

Since 2008 a research program, coordinated by the Office for Archeological Heritage of the Cultural Heritage Superintendence of the Autonomous Province of Trento in collaboration with the Museum “Pejo 1914-1918 La Guerra sulla Porta”, has allowed to save this extraordinary memory heritage thanks to an exceptional high-altitude museum which you can visit accompanied by a guide.

The direct experience of these living history witnesses is not only of big interest but it also causes great emotions, reinforced by the fact that the relics of the dramatic White War are located at an altitude of 3000m, which makes this site unique in Europe.


Ph. 348 7400942
[email protected]