Inhalation treatment

With the inhalation treatment the more or less finely fractioned thermal water, and the gas present in it, are introduced in the respiratory airways and the vaporization of Antica Fonte mineral water performs a direct action on the respiratory mucous membranes. When contacting the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, the microscopic particles of mineral water, rich in bicarbonates, contrast the inflammatory processes of allergic and non-allergic nature. The cure, repeated every day, has an anticatarrhal and decongestant effect.

The steam flow is directed towards the respiratory airways using many techniques.

Direct stream inhalation

The thermal water is decomposed in particles of size 80/100 micron with a temperature of approx. 38°C.
Direct stream inhalation is used in the prevention and treatment of chronic pathologies of the first respiratory airways: nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea and main bronchial tubes.

Flowing water nebulizer

The thermal water is decomposed in very small particles of diameter 2/4 micron with a temperature of approx 30°C. The reduced dimensions allow the particles to reach the pulmonary alveoli, the nasal and para-nasal sinuses and the hearing ducts.
This treatment is helpful in the prevention and cure of chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract: nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea and main bronchial tubes.

Sonic nebulizer

This technique is a version of the inhalation therapy in which the particles, at regular intervals, are exposed to the action of sound waves with a frequency of 100 Hertz. So, the micelles acquire a regular motion that allows them to penetrate within the cavities of the para-nasal sinuses and middle ear.
The treatment is recommended for chronic rhino-sinusitis, catarrhal otitis media and chronic oto-salpingitis.

Ionic nebulizer

This method uses negative electric charges to prevent the adhesion of nebulizer particles. This makes the more peripheral bronchial tubes more easy to be reached and facilitates absorption through the mucous membranes .
It is effective for vasomotor and allergic rhinopathies, rhino-sinusitis syndromes and catarrhal bronchitis.

Micronized nasal shower

The thermal water is divided into bigger particles than the nebulizer ones; these are brought, under pressure, in the nasal cavities allowing the cleansing of the mucous membranes and the fluidization of secretions.
The nasal shower is helpful for catarrhal pathologies of the nose and throat: pharyngitis, productive rhino-sinusitis, secretive middle otitis and chronic oto-salpingitis.



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