Balneotherapy consists in immersing the body in thermal water. From the ancient stone or wood baths to the new thermal techniques, the essence of the carbon gaseous baths at Pejo Spa has remained unvaried.

The natural effervescence of the Antica Fonte water develops heat and gives a pleasant wellness feeling. Gases and mineral salts, in high concentration, donate relief against pains of a muscular and articular nature. During immersion, the carbon dioxide bubbles stick to the skin and perform a delicate and continuos micro massage: the general feeling you can experience is one of pleasure and relax.

The whole organism benefits from that: the skin oxygenation gets better, the joint inflammations alleviate and the microcirculation becomes efficient again.



27 June – 2 August
31 August – 26 September
from Monday to Saturday 8.00-12.00
3 – 30 August from Monday to Saturday 8.00-12.00 and 16.00-19.00
RESERVATION IS ALWAYS REQUIRED in order to carry out balneotherapy.
Contact us using the following contact details:
PHONE 0463 753226
E-MAIL [email protected]



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