Pejo water

Pejo mineral water comes from springs located in Val di Pejo at an altitude of 1393 m, at the foot of the Ortles-Cevedale glaciers, in the very heart of the Stelvio National Park. Pejo water is a natural treasure, a water pure and high in quality, source of health and wellness. The geological characteristics of the territory, which is part of one of the main mountain ranges of the Alps, with peaks which are near 4000m high and host several glaciers, are the reason for the special characteristics of Pejo mineral water, which is bottled pure and intact as it emerges from its spring.

Thanks to its long filtration through waterproof deep rocks, Pejo water is poor in mineral salts, very light and facilitates digestion. Moreover, its low sodium concentration makes it ideal for hyposodic diets and to treat pathologies of the urinary tract (kidney stones, gravel).

  • Temperature at spring: 7,8 °C
  • Fixed residue: mg/L 94,7
  • PH at spring temperature: 6,9

Acqua Pejo

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