Ecomuseo Piccolo Mondo Alpino

The Ecomuseo Piccolo Mondo Alpino of Val di Pejo locally promotes activities aimed at the community’s cultural growth and development as well as at the preservation of the historical memories and know-how, at the landscape protection and valorisation, and at all activities contributing to a sustainable development project supported by the local community.

The themes on which the Ecomuseo focuses are: the Soul and the Sacred, Water, Minerals, Wood, Bread, Cheese, Linen, Wool, The Great War. The Ecomuseo Piccolo Mondo Alpino hosts many cultural, historical and architectural itineraries. All the activities are supported by the cultural Association L.I.N.U.M., pursuing ethnographic researches, as well as by the local institutions and several other cultural associations.


Events you should not miss:

  • El pan de ‘na volta (“ the bread we used to cook in the past”): Casa Grazioli shows how traditional rye breads were cooked in old ovens.
  • Centrale aperta (open doors at the hydroelectric plant), guided tour of one of the main hydroelectric power plants in Trentino, an immersion into the technology, artistic features and industrial architecture dominating the early 1900s.
  • Dalla pianta al gomitolo (from the plant to the linen ball), showing how linen was manufactured using old traditional tools.
  • Dalla pianta alla tessitura (from the plant to the loom), showing how linen was woven using old traditional tools.
  • LINUM ethnographic itinerary, which starts from Casa Grazioli and, unwinding through fields and woods, connects the two villages of Strombiano and Celentino following historical memories.
  • The Antico Bosco di Larice (ancient larch wood) in Val Comasine, where you can admire the ‘patriarchs’ of the wood, often more than six hundred years old.
  • The Percorso della Grande Guerra (Great War itinerary), visiting some important areas where the First World War took place in Italy, from Forte Barbadifior to Stòi della Vegaia.
  • The Giro della Valletta (Valletta tour), an itinerary connecting all the small villages of Val di Pejo along paths and old carriageable roads.
  • Visits to the malghe (mountain dairies) and to the Caseificio Turnario (a dairy where the daily production belongs in turn to each consortium member) in Pejo: here you can buy our products of excellence.



Casa Grazioli, also know as Casa “de la Bega”

This historic Museum-House located in Strombiano near Pejo is a rare example of the evolution of the local architecture and of the way people used to live in the past.

Weaving lab

The Ecomuseo situated in Celentino near Pejo offers linen and wool spinning and weaving courses held in a traditional stua specifically built.

Museo della Malga

This museum, located an old baito (mountain lodge) in Malga Campo, can be visited in the summer season thanks to a dirt forest road starting from the village of Celentino.

Comasine Mineral Area

The entrances to the old magnetite mines and the old miners’ paths are being recovered and valorised.

Museo Etnografico del Legno

In the renewed Venetian sawmill in Celledizzo, the cutting of the larch trunks, the scale models of the mountain farms characterizing the valley and the segot’s (sawyer’s) traditional tools underline the importance of wood in the culture of the valley.

Museo della Guerra “Pejo 1914-1918 – The War on our Doorstep ”

Heterogeneous collection of antiques, weapons and images of The First World War found in old basements and attics of the valley, but mainly in the snow and glaciers on the high peaks.

Caseificio Turnario in Pejo Paese

The last caseificio turnario (a dairy where the daily production belongs in turn to each consortium member) in Trentino daily produces butter and cheese in a traditional way, using the milk from cows and goats bred in the village. It is open every morning. Shop available.

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